Accident Caused by Traffic Violation

In determining fault in a motor vehicle accident, investigators and insurance adjusters will examine the circumstances of the incident and the actions of the drivers involved. First, adherence to traffic laws will be examined. Failing to comply with the rules of the road is all too often the cause of serious accidents that result in injury or death.

Illegal U-Turns

Making an illegal U-turn is an especially dangerous. In fact, every state has legislation governing the legality of U-turns on the books in an effort to protect drivers. In order to avoid an accident, drivers must be sure to make U-turns only at intersections where the maneuver is allowed. Further, the driver must not interfere with traffic flow, and he must have a clear line of sight of at least 500 feet ahead. U-turns on hills or turns are particularly risky and should be avoided. It is also illegal to make a U-turn across a divided highway.

Failure to Yield

The concept of failure to yield encompasses a number of illegal driving maneuvers. You  can be charged with failure to yield when turning left, at a crosswalk, to a pedestrian or bicyclist, to an emergency vehicle, or even while merging. Failure to yield can cause accidents that result in serious injuries or even death.


It may seem like a minor infraction, but speeding can have potentially serious consequences. Driving at a high rate of speed through a residential area, for example, puts you at a higher risk for colliding with a pedestrian or a bicyclist. Speeding during inclement weather can also put you and others at risk.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident that was caused by another driver’s traffic violation, there are steps you can take to seek damages for your injuries and, possibly for your pain and suffering. After receiving medical treatment, contact your insurance company and consider contacting a personal injury attorney who can advocate for you.