Head Injuries

The brain is an essential organ that is also one of the most fragile and complex in the human body. An injury to the brain can result from either a small injury or a major trauma such as a fall, a hit to the head or an accident. Even a minor brain injury can have a profound impact on your life, as side effects involving physical side effects, and your capacity to understand and process language, emotions and memory.

Mild Brain Injury

A brain injury that occurs after a slight trauma should be taken seriously and treated immediately. In most cases, the victim will be monitored and then prescribed medicine and rest until the swelling in the brain goes down. Doctors will continue to monitor the patient for clots, or fluid build up which would require surgery to relieve any pressure on the brain.

Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the Center for Disease Control, 2.5 million Americans suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2010, with one occurring every 15 seconds. In fact, TBIs are one of the leading causes of death for those under 45 years of age. A TBI occurs as a result of direct trauma to the head. Car accidents, injuries sustained while playing sports, falls, violence, malpractice during birth, or being hit by a falling object can all result in a TBI.

There is not always physical evidence of an injury associated with a traumatic brain injury. So-called closed-head injuries and concussions that may seem benign at first can have a long-lasting impact. Sometimes, the effects are not evident until many years after the injury has been sustained.

Lasting Effects of a Head Injury

It is important to note that brain injuries impact no two people in the same way. One patient may have to learn how to walk or eat again; another patient may only require rest, monitoring and medication.

Brain injuries can be extremely expensive to treat over time. Depending on the severity of the injury and the timeline of recovery, the patient may require the help of various therapists, psychiatrists, physicians and psychologists while working to get well. The injury could result in long-term disability or unemployment.

If you have experienced a brain injury, you should take steps to file a claim with your insurance company. Consider scheduling a consultation with a personal injury attorney who can walk you through the claims process.