Other Catastrophic Injuries

Surviving an accident is certainly cause to be grateful. But for those who suffer a catastrophic injury, life as they know it is over. Nerve damage, dismemberment and blindness are just a few of the life-altering injuries that can result from a serious accident. If you are a victim, there are steps you can take to seek financial restitution for your injuries.

Nerve Damage

Permanent and extremely painful, nerve damage is often the result of a back or neck injury sustained in an accident. In a healthy individual, nerve endings jut out other spinal column and function to send messages to the rest of the body. Damage to the nerves is caused by the compression of the spine that occurs when the vertebrae that make up the spine are forced together during the trauma of an accident. After the spine is compressed, the pressure on the nerve endings causes them to send messages of pain, numbness and tingling through your limbs and extremities. In some very serious cases, nerve damage can cause paralysis. A neurologist must diagnose nerve damage.

Amputation, Loss of Limbs or Dismemberment

Losing a limb or body part can result from an accident involving industrial machinery, surgical malpractice or very serious car accidents. If a limb or appendage is crushed, it may need to be amputated in a medical setting.  A traumatic amputation occurs when a limb or appendage is severed at the time of an accident.


Blindness or loss of vision is the result of a trauma to the head, a brain injury or a direct hit to the eye. Such trauma may come from an accident, a defective product or even an explosion. Accidents while playing sports such as basketball, lacrosse, hockey, football, soccer and racquetball can also result in vision loss. After a trauma or undergoing certain surgeries, children can also be diagnosed with acquired glaucoma, which is a condition that can lead to eventual vision loss.

If you or a loved one have experienced nerve damage, amputation or bilneness after an accident, it may be possible to seek damages as a way to reimburse you for your medical expenses, lost wages and even your pain and suffering. After working with your insurance company to file a claim, you should speak with an experienced personal injury defense attorney who can help you take the necessary legal steps and even negotiate with your insurance company.